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Date Submission Title Recipient Subject Matter


Food Additives


Best practices concerning food additives


Crisis Facing Australia

State and Federal Politicians

Review of crisis facing Australia


Family Really Does Matter

State and Federal politicians

Review of Family Really Does Matter

28/08/2007 Human Rights Act For WA Chairman, Consultation Committee for the Proposed Human Rights Act

Opposition to Human Rights Act


The Gap Year Submission

The Prime Minister

Retention rate for first year university students


Electoral and Voting Fraud Submission

All State and Federal Politician and all Media

Electoral and voting fraud and recommendations to correct these anomalies


Constitutional Change

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Opposition to reform of section 57


Cost Shifting Submission

House of Representatives, Standing Committee on Economics, Finance and Public Administration

Protection for the role of the States


National Agenda Early Childhood Submission

Department of Family and Community Services

Promote children's developmental health and well being as central to the National Agenda. Seeks to highlight the huge volume of Research on Family Strcuture, Child Care and Taxation Equity


The Crisis Facing Australia

All Federal Politicians, Major Businesses, Rural and Community organisations

The problems of declining birth rates, fertility and growing social needs


Inquiry into the Sex Discrimination Amendment Bill

Senate Legal and Constitution Committee

Not to amend the Bill, but to support and uphold the Natural Family


United Nations Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous people

Mr K Wilkie MP, Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

Might be signed without Parliamentary approval and give rise to unreasonable expectations among indigenous Australians


The Family Does Matter

130 Key Federal Politicians, State Political leaders and community organisations

Family friendly policies for Australia's future


International Labour Organisation

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

Acceptance of the amendment 19 Article of the constitution of the International Labour Organisation


Australia's Relations With The United Nations In The Post Cold War environment

Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade

Australia not to be part of the UN Standing Army nor participate in International Court of Justice


Inquiry into the International Criminal Court

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

Not to ratify the Statute, Support for an international concern, without surrendering Austalia's Sovereignty


Inquiry into the proposed sale of Westrail Freight Business...

The Standing Committee, Legislative Council of WA

Force behind sale is National Competition Policy. The NCP is seriously flawed


Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill The Poisons Amendment Bill

Dr Christine Sharp MLC, C.C. all State MP?s

Not to proceed with these bills


National Competition Policy on Pharmacy

National Competition Council

To maintain the Status Quo


National Competition Policy on Pharmacy

National Competition Council

To maintain the Status Quo


Socioeconomic Consequences of the National Competition Policy (NCP)

Senate Select Committee on Social Economic Consequences of the National Competition Policy

A halt to further deregulation unless demonstrated to be in the public interest.


Review of Treating Making Process

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

Treaties not to be signed without prior approval of both Houses of Parliament


Whither Australia or Wither Australia

130 Key Federal Politicians

Argues that there are serious problems facing Australia ? the erosion of the family, unemployment, globalization and aging population and self sustainability of the nation.


Multilateral Agreement on Investment

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

Protection of Australian Sovereignty


Law and Order

The cabinet Standing Committee on Law and Order W.A.

To build law-abiding communities based on community involvement and early intervention.


United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

Treat to be denounced and replaced by a Charter of Family Rights and Responsibilities


Towards Full Employment

130 Key Federal Politicians

Current Account Deficit, Inflation, Constructive Industry Policy ? Vision for Australia


Re-building Australia - A Start

130 Key Federal Politicians

"Re-building Australia - a Start" - initiatives for the Family, Unemployment, Trade, Investment etc.

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