Executive Committee Members

Western Australia Committee Members:

The members of the Council for the National Interest Western Australian Committee are:

Graeme Wishart – Chairman

Mr Wishart is now retired from a management role of an Australian manufacturer and wholesaler of electronic security devices. Previously Mr Wishart worked as a project manager in the field of telecommunications in Australian and internationally. He has considerable executive level involvement and experience in business,community and sporting organisations.

Denis O’Sullivan

Mr O’Sullivan was born and raised on a farming property and spent his working life in the Agricultural Service Industry – initially as a Farm Management Consultant to individual owner operators in Western Australia and finally as a Finance Manager at executive level to a major rural service organisation. Mr O’Sullivan also participates in community and cultural activities and has a number of sporting interests.

Denis Whitely – Executive Director

Mr Whitely was born and educated in Western Australia. His career encompasses more than forty years in banking and finance including superannuation, strategic planning, public relations, community development and rural policy development. Twenty of these years involved Board responsibility as Chairman or Director of a range of organisations. Mr Whitely is also active in a number of charitable and community endeavors.

Laurie Eastwood CPA – Hon Treasurer

Mr Eastwood was born and educated in Western Australia. He has had a long and distinguished career firstly as a Certified Practising Accountant,and then as Secretary and Executive Director of the Parents and Friends’ Federation of Western Australia Inc.

Mr Eastwood also served as a member of the Australian Parents’ Council National Executive being elected President in 2004.

Brian Leach

Born in Malaysia 1938, but fled the advance of Japan (with mother) to Perth in 1942. Graduated in Agricultural Science (university of Western Australia) 1961. Employed as a Soil Scientist/Plant Nutritionist/Agronomist in tropical islands of the Solomons, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and the Philipines before joining CSBP/Wesfarmers in WA in 1977 and conducting research with farmers. Since 1999 a part-time consultant and farmer, recently working internationally with Australian Business Volunteers.

Noel Monks

Mr Monks was born and educated in Western Australia and served as a pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force, 1944-45. After farming the wheat and sheep district of Dalwallinu and serving as a Shire Councillor, Mr Monks transferred his farming activities to the Dandaragan Shire growing super fine wool, raising fat lambs and engaging in agro-forestry. Now retired from farming Mr Monks is involved in voluntary work with Legacy and Honour Avenue.

Joseph Poprzeczny

Joseph Poprzeczny spent his childhood and teenage years in the Western Australian wheatbelt. He is a Masters graduate in history, with an economics major, from the University of Western Australia, where he was, for two years, part-time tutor in the Department of Politics. He has also tutored economic history at Monash University, for three years, and Asian history at Murdoch University, for a year, during the 1980s.

After leaving teaching he worked for three Australian federal Members of Parliament.

Before embarking on a full-time journalistic career, which involved working at the Sunday Times (Perth) and the Perth Bureau of The Australian, he was research director at the Perth Chamber of Commerce.

Today he is a contributing politics and public affairs columnist at Western Australian Business News, a position he's held since 2000, and also contributes to News Weekly.

Joseph Poprzeczny is author of one book - Hitler's Man in the East, Odilo Globocnik (McFarland, North Carolina, 2004),the only published biogrpahy on Adolf Hitler's major genocidal killer and planner of the top secret Generalplan Ost, which aimed to germanize all the lands between the Rhine River valley and the Ural Mountain range east of Moscow. The biography has been re-published by the Czech Academy of Sciences in the Czech language under the title, Hitleruv kat na Vychode, Odilo Globocnik.(Prague, 2009)

He is presently working on three research projects - the life of an adventurous American writer and journalist, Jane Foster Anderson; President Herbert Hoover's years in Western Australia as a mining engineer; and James William Sullivan, an American political writer who markedly influenced the American Progressives at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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