Speaker: Josephine Baxter

Executive Director, Drug Free Australia

Topic: Answers to Australia's Illicit Drug Epidemic

Free Entry, Everyone Welcome

Presentation Speech followed by open Q&A Session

Western Australian District Court Judge, Philip McCann said: “Western Australia has the unenviable position of probably being the worst jurisdiction in the civilised world for methamphetamine offending, by which of course I include recreational use.” and “The damage now seems to have almost irreparably been done. The opportunities to do something about this were lost some years ago.” The West Australian, 18 May, 2016

Solutions are available:

Our speaker will offer success stories which provide hope for overcoming the terrible scourge of methamphetamine abuse in spite of the judge's bleak synopsis.

The issue has not been addressed by the outgoing WA government and based upon history the coalition of Labor & their Green comrades, will most likely pursue an even worse pathway to drug legalisation.

When: Sunday 21 May 2017

Time: 2.30pm start to 4.30pm finish

Where: Royal Perth Yacht Club, Australia II Drive, Crawley Bay, Nedlands 6009

The temptation to apply soft accommodating policies needs to be resisted.

Portugal tried the legalisation path with unintended consequences. Learn about how free swinging Sweden recovered from being the worst drug abuse nation in Europe. Learn also about Iceland's success (no pun intended) educating the most difficult group of people on earth, 15 year old teenagers, off drugs and alcohol.

West Australians need to be educated about what a successful war against drugs entails.

Josephine Baxter will offer solutions to the scourge of illicit drugs based upon successes worldwide.

Change will only come about by the general public taking a more active role in achieving changes to current failing policies. We hope this forum will stimulate that activity.

Encourage friends and associates to attend this free open forum as part of a movement for change.

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CNI is non-party political and aims to build a better Australia for future generations.

Josephine Baxter Brief Profile

of alcohol and drug prevention educators), Jo Baxter continues in an advisory capacity with the current Board, in order to promote an educational message about drug reduction nationally.