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Topic: The National Energy Market (NEM)

Sub Title: How Canberra is Destroying Australia's Electricity Market


Three Easy Ways to Destroy a Perfectly Good Electricity Grid

Speaker: Joanne Nova

A Science presenter, writer, speaker & former TV host; Author of The Skeptics Handbook

Everyone welcome to attend this open and free public forum.

Joanne Nova will present an illuminating forum to describe a scene of energy destruction by Canberra politicians who, in less than ten years, have taken Australia from one of the cheapest electricity suppliers to being among the most expensive in the world.

She explains all the technical aspects of Australia's electricity network, including the meaning and significance of terms like, frequency tolerance, peak load, base load and variables involved in accommodating unreliable renewable (windmills and solar panels) sources.

Joanne has assembled a wealth of information for presentation in an easy to understand format that explains why Australia has nose-dived to become a high-cost electricity market.

Learn about Australia's standing in the world of COAL supply, COAL FIRED POWER generation, URANIUM supply, NUCLEAR POWER generation, HYDRO POWER generation, GAS generation, subsidised and unreliable RENEWABLE POWER generation.

Understand SOUTH AUSTRALIA's electricity supply debacle with it's reliance on renewable energy.

Free Entry, Everyone Welcome

Presentation Speech followed by Q&A Session

When: Sunday 26 November 2017

Time: 2.30pm start to 4.30pm finish

Where: Royal Perth Yacht Club, Australia II Drive, Crawley Bay, Nedlands 6009

Encourage friends and associates to attend this informative, educational, free and open forum.

A fact based presentation of Australia's National Energy Market and the challenge ahead!

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